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Oct 8, 2015 2:21:19 PM Michael Myers Mobile Apps

Public Sector Mobilizes Content Management

The public sector is more likely to use mobile applications for managing content than for any other purpose


According to a recent mobility index report, almost 50% of mobile apps used for the public sector were for content management and about half of that for accessing content. This shows that the government is interested in increasing productivity and reducing costs through mobile apps.

Key findings:

  • Public sector is focusing on document workflows with half or more of all apps fulfilling this use case
  • Globally, government agencies and other public sector institutions focused their mobile initiatives on the document-based workflows that are critical to many e-government processes
  • 47% of mobile apps for government were for document editing apps
  • 23% of public sector apps were for business service workflows
  • Through better access to documents and faster processing of documents, government agencies are using mobility to improve their service to the public
  • Device adoption varies significantly among industries, but iOS maintains strength in the public sector with 79% activations

Governments are taking advantage of the fact that most adults have smart phones by using apps to ease the burden of providing services.Recorded Webinar