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Nov 6, 2015 10:01:47 AM Michael Myers

World Paper Free Day 2015

Today, November 6th, is World Paper Free Day sponsored by AIIM International. Organizations all over the world are being encouraged to take the “paperless pledge” and go paper-free for the day. This global campaign is about challenging us to take solid steps on the path to using less paper and eliminating the waste and confusion that piles of office paper can create.


Why should you go paper-free? In addition to the cost savings, companies can improve document security and productivity. A study conducted by AIIM reports that most people believe going paper-free could increase efficiency by up to 4 times. Companies believe they are making an environmental impact by recycling large volumes of paper that they use every day. While recycling is better than not recycling, it still comes with the costs of collection, transportation, and processing. Keep in mind that paper can only be recycled between 7-10 times before the fibers break down completely. Cutting down paper consumption from the start is much more impactful, both from the perspective of sustainability and cost-effectiveness.

“It is hard to believe that in 2015, so many of us are still so reliant on paper,” said the president of the organization behind the push, John Mancini of information professional membership group, AIIM. “It is slow, inefficient and terrible for the environment. There are much better options available, with more and more technology dedicated to reducing use of paper.”

AIIM conducts annual research into the state of the paperless office, and early results from this year’s research, “Paper-Free Progress: measuring outcomes”, shows that 31% of business executives admit their office is piled high with paper documents. AIIM’s research consistently shows that not only does paper create expensive waste, but it also clogs up business processes. By digitizing content, enterprises can improve their ability to serve customers quickly and effectively, facilitate collaboration, improve access to information for team members, and increase overall productivity.

“We will never get rid of paper entirely,” says Mancini, “but the volume used unnecessarily every day is mind-blowing. World Paper Free Day is all about asking people in workplaces around the world, to think a bit harder about whether they really need to press that print button. We all know that that’s the best way to help your business flourish, as well as protect the environment.”

Businesses and individuals alike can register for World Paper Free Day and get a #WPFD Pledge Kit including social badges, by completing a simple online form. For each registration, AIIM will make a donation to One Laptop per Child, the non-profit organization offering laptops for children in developing countries. - See more at:

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