Leadership Team

Bryce Harward

Bryce Harward serves as the Executive Vice President of the Harris Enterprise Resource Planning Group (“Harris ERP”). With a focus on customer service and innovation, Bryce leads the Research & Development, Professional Services, Sales & Marketing, and Support teams of the business.

Since joining Harris in 2001, Bryce has held positions of Web Developer, Java Developer, Product Development Team Leader, Software Architect, and Director of Research & Development. Previously, he served as the Vice President of Research & Development for Harris ERP and as the Lead Software Architect for the Innoprise product line. Bryce has over 12 years of experience with designing and developing Web-based enterprise Java applications for local governments.

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David Cole

David Cole serves as the Senior Vice President of Questys.

Since joining Harris in 1992, Dave has held a wide variety of positions including developer, product development coordinator, director of research & development, and vice president of client services. During his 33 year career in Information Technology, Dave has been involved in a blend of technical and customer-focused areas. His experience includes: computer operations; programming; system design and analysis; specification writing; user documentation; training; application usage assessments; and customer support.

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