Digital Signature

Any document that requires a signature, agency seal or stamp can be effortlessly authorized and verified with Digital Signature.

Get Secure with a Digital Signature

A digital signature serves two purposes; it uniquely identifies the individual or entity that signed the document and it assures the integrity of the document that was signed. Dependent on your organization’s needs, signature certificates may be issued internally or by a national certification authority, such as VeriSign.

With the Digital Signature add-on module you can create a digital signature, stamp or seal that can be included on an organization’s official documents. When it is applied to a document, it is applied with an encrypted code, providing security and compliance.

Create Workflow Efficiencies with Digital Signature

With Questys WorkFlow (WFx) it’s easy to create a workflow process to route a document to a person’s electronic inbox so it can be signed, stamped or sealed for verification and authenticity. Adding workflow increases efficiencies within your organization.


  • No proprietary software needed – uses Adobe Acrobat Reader and Nitro PDF
  • Reader or any other PDF signing application
  • Works with applications and file types that you are already using including; Word, Excel, PDF and TIFF
  • Integrates with Questys Document/Content Management (CMx) and WorkFlow (WFx)
  • Allows users to digitally sign documents anywhere they have access to Questys - office PC, home
  • PC (Web/Internet access), Apple iPad (Mobile iPad Web Access)
  • Keeps signed documents within your Questys repository for security, compliance and tracking
  • Low total cost of ownership (TCO) and return on investment (ROI) by reducing paper-related costs
  • Installs quickly with minimal operational impact

With Digital Signature module, a signature and its creation and verification processes provides the greatest possible assurance of both signer authenticity and document authenticity, with the least possible expenditure of resources.

Digital Signature (PDF)