Fast Forms - Generate Forms Fast!

Fast Forms is a form-generation tool that helps improve the input process for scanned records into your Questys CMx system, using Barcode Recognition Technology. You can use fast forms or a specific record or for a specific folder.

Questys Fast Forms allows you to mix both Customized Forms and Barcode Coversheets when scanning and processing. This eliminates the need for a separate Barcode Coversheet. Your Customized Form includes the Barcode... Questys CMx can process both in the same batch!

Fast Forms can be utilized in two major ways:

  • Customizable Forms including Barcodes
  • Barcode Coversheets

Customized Forms

For organizations that have pre-printed forms, or in any organization that requires clients, employees, or vendors to fill-out and/or sign hard copies of forms, the Fast Forms feature can dramatically improve the input process by generating the Form for print and automating the filing of the Form within the Questys CMx Repository.

Barcode Coversheets

For users that do not have a desktop scanner available to them, or for organizations that find it quicker to pre-create Records and Batch Scan later, Fast Forms provides a simple way to print a Separator Page (or Barcode Coversheet) for a Record so that Batch Scanning and Automated Filing into the Questys Repository can occur.

The Bottom Line:

  • Questys Fast Forms speeds the process of inputting Scanned Records into your system.
  • Save valuable time Increase employee productivity and efficiency levels

Additional Features:

  • Barcode Coversheets and Customized Forms can be used interchangeably
  • Custom Forms can be created using HTML or Microsoft Word, depending on the user's preference and ability
  • Create a Form from scratch or import an existing file into the Fast Forms Designer

Questys Fast Forms