Mobile iPad Web Access

Why bring a laptop to a meeting when you can bring an Apple iPad?

A recent survey has determined that Apple remains dominant in the enterprise tablet market, with more than 97% of activations being iPads. The iPad is now considered the de-facto standard for enterprise tablet computing. Executives and employees like having the flexibility of using an iPad versus a laptop when in meetings or out in the field.

Questys Mobile iPad Web Access expands the value of Questys' Content Management and Legislative Agenda Management software by allowing users to securely manage their Agenda Items in Meetings and access documents via the Apple iPad. Whether you are working remotely or in the field, Questys' Mobile iPad Web Access empowers users to stay connected.

Access Data from an Apple iPad:

Manage Agenda Items in Meetings:

Legislator members can:

  • Review the Agenda Packet
  • Take confidential notes
  • Take Roll Call
  • Vote on Agenda Items
  • Comment in the Legislator Workpad
  • Search and retrieve agenda back-up materials

Browse & Search Documents with Ease:

Questys' Mobile iPad Web Access expands the value of content management by providing secure access to documents via the Apple iPad.

Directly from the Apple iPad interface users can:

  • Search and retrieve documents - Full-text search keywords on metadata
  • Download and view Microsoft Office documents, TIFFs and PDFs
  • Securely copy, move, rename or delete documents
  • Print documents to AirPrint printers

Additional Requirements:

Questys Mobile iPad Web Access requires the Questys CMx Web Module. Accessibility will depend on your CMx and LSx licensing