Microsoft Office Integration Module

Integrate Microsoft Office and Microsoft Outlook with your Questys Enterprise Content Management System

Questys Enterprise Content Management software is tightly integrated with the Microsoft Office® suite of products including Outlook®, Word®, Excel® and PowerPoint® with our Microsoft Office Integration Module.

Business users can get their daily work done without spending a lot of time learning or using another application. The Questys Microsoft Office Integration Module provides easy access to, and storage of, documents and emails into your Questys Document Management repository without compromising usability.

Microsoft Office Integration with Questys

From within Microsoft Word, Excel or PowerPoint you can create and edit your documents as you normally would. When you are ready to save them into your Questys Document Management repository, just click the Questys CMx icon from the Add-Ins tab.

Microsoft Outlook Email Integration with Questys

You can import emails directly from Microsoft Outlook into your Questys Document Management repository.

Watch the 2 minute video below to see how easy it is to integrate Microsoft Outlook with Questys!

Step be step instructions on how to import emails from Microsoft Office into Questys

  • Select a mail message (or multi-select messages using your Ctrl or Shift keys)
  • Left-click and hold on one of the selected messages and drag them to the folder within Questys CMx where you want them stored
  • When your mouse is over the desired folder, release the left mouse button. The Questys CMx Email Import dialog will display with the messages loaded.
  • You can modify the location where the email messages will be stored, change the record category and, optionally, add index fields

The Bottom Line

Realize greater flexibility and improved productivity by importing documents directly from Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint and emails directly from Microsoft Outlook into your Questys Document Management repository.

Download the Questys Microsoft Office Integration Module datasheet (PDF)


  • No need to learn another application: Files can be directly saved to the Questys Document Managment repository without leaving the Microsoft applications.
  • Save files directly from MS Office: The Questys icon within Microsoft Office applications lets you easily save files directly to the Document Management repository.
  • Drag & Drop emails from Outlook: Microsoft Outlook emails can easily be saved in the Questys Document Management repository with a click of the mouse.

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