Web Access

Questys Web provides users with a virtual document management office that can be reached from any location in the world. Using a standard internet browser, Questys Web provides for document search and retrieval. Whether you are on the road or simply working in a satellite office, Questys Web empowers its users to stay connected and access documents remotely.

Browse, Search, and Print with Ease

Questys Web expands the value of content management by providing access to documents via Internet or Intranet. Personnel using this module can browse, search and retrieve documents as if they were on site, all from within the browser interface. And the public may research documents made available to them over the Internet, saving your employees time with Public Records Requests.

Improve Communication & Collaboration

Authorized users enjoy simultaneous access to documents captured by the Questys Document Management System.

The results include:

  • Increased user collaboration and real-time access to documents 24/7.
  • Keyword and full-text searching capabilities.
  • All features fully controlled by Questys Security.
  • Participate in workflow processes created by Questys WorkFlow.
  • Participate in Agenda Item Submission for Meeting Agendas created by Questys LSx.

Questys Web Access (PDF)