Legislative Agenda Management

Questys Legislative Agenda system streamlines the legislative agenda process. What was once an arduous task of manually compiling paper and data into an Agenda Packet is now made quicker and easier with Questys Legislative Agenda Management Software (LSx).

LSx was designed to automate your entire agenda process, from creation of staff reports, agendas and packets to real-time roll-call, vote tabulation and meeting minutes, from archiving agendas and backup material to searching and retrieving by keywords, agenda item titles and full text, all from your internet browser and accessible from anywhere. LSx is the solution to your agenda development and management needs.

Agenda management best practices

Agenda Creation and Internet Publishing Made Simple

Questys LSx creates agenda items and staff reports for review, submittal, tracking of the item approval and inclusion on the final agenda. You can also auto-generate your agenda packet, convert it to PDF and publish to your Website simply, quickly and effortlessly.

Keep Up with a Constantly Changing Environment with Ease

LSx gives you the flexibility to keep up with a fast-moving, constantly changing environment with the ability to add, move, defer, sort and delete agenda items with a couple of easy mouse clicks.

Go Paperless and Increase Efficiency in Your Internal Processes

  • Legislator feature records elected officials notes effortlessly
  • Clerk feature records real-time meeting minutes and vote tabulations, as well as, auto-generates the minutes immediately following the meeting
  • Roll-Call feature supports real-time attendance accounting
  • Integrate with Granicus MinutesMaker by including the Questys-Granicus integration module
  • Apple iPad compatible

Available on-premises or in the Cloud!

Available as an on-premise or in the Cloud, LegisStream Paperless Agenda Management can fit any sized organization. From small, sub-5000 population municipalities to large counties with populations in excess of 25,000,000.

"LegisStream has made our agenda preparation process much more efficient. What normally took over a week is now down to a two day process! The paperless agenda process is virtually automatic...[We] have moved light years ahead..."

Lydia Beiswanger, California Clerk of the Board, Merced County

Questys Legislative Agenda Management - LSx (PDF)