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CMx - Enterprise Content Management
Scan paper documents, import electronic files and e-mail, then OCR, edit, and store your information in electronic format for instant retrieval with Questys CMx.

LSx - Legislative Agenda Management
Automate your entire agenda process! Questys LSx - LegisStream is the solution to your agenda development and management needs.

WFx - Automated Business Process Management
Streamline your organization with Questys WFx workflow and approval routing capabilities.

Automated Data Capture
Questys Capture forms processing software that will let you automate nearly any data entry process and output the data and/or images to a Content Management System or 3rd party database.

Accounts Payable Automation
Companies can have up to 300% ROI on AP Process Automation!

Feature/Benefit Videos

CMx - Microsoft Office Integration
Questys integrates with Microsoft Office applications, including Microsoft Outlook email.

CMx - Annotations and Redactions
Users can view, compare, annotate, redact or block out information in a file depending on their permission level.

CMx - Automated OCR and Indexing
Questys automatically full-text indexes files that you add to your repository.

CMx - Find any document in seconds
Questys CMx Helps You Locate Any File In Seconds.

CMx - Importer Utility
The Questys CMx Importer Utility allows you to batch create records. This eliminates data entry and saves an enormous amount of time.

WFx-WorkFlow Designer
Graphically define even the most complex workflow processes.

CMx - Revision Control
Questys CMx allows you to store and manage multiple versions of files for any record in your repository.

CMx - OCR Text Highlighting
Questys CMx supports text highlighting of search terms on your image files.

CMx - Searching
There are many ways to search the content in your Questys CMx system.

CMx - Schema Import/Export
Designed for application analysts and system architects, schema import/export allows these individuals to import or export previously customized configuration settings from one server environment to another.

CMx - Shortcuts
Shortcuts helps you better organize your information without duplication.

CMx - Retention Scheduling
Retention scheduling helps you keep track of when to dispose of certain files and records.

CMx - Security and Permissions
Administrators can control the functions that a user or group or users can perform in the system: on a category, field, or system level.

Customer Case Study

Tulare County, CA
"There are a lot of systems out there but what Questys brings is an integrated content management, collaboration and imaging solution."
Ed Frankovic, Project Manager, Tulare County

Industry Videos

Questys Corporate
Our Document and Content Management Solutions can instantly file and/or retrieve at the touch of a button...for A/P, A/R, HR, Correspondence, or any department that you

Questys Education
Educational institutions can easily integrate paper reports, electronic files, e-mails and operational records into a secure and searchable database. Cut costs and improve productivity with a minimal investment in time, money and resources.

Questys Employment
Imagine a world where you have all of your business knowledge in a single, conveniently searchable archive, where nothing can ever be misfiled or lost. You can quickly and easily respond to customer requests, increasing your overall levels of Customer Service while decreasing your Document Management costs.

Questys Financial
Questys' solutions helps financial services organizations of all sizes, such as Banks, Credit Unions, Brokers, Fund Managers, CPAs, CFPs, meet their growing operational demands.

Questys Government
Questys' solutinos can be used to increase fiscal responsibility and citizen-focus, while providing increased levels of constituent and public service. Work collaboratively, retrieve documents quickly while boosting productivity, improving customer service and saving tax dollars.

Questys Healthcare
Healthcare companies can quickly organize, store, and access patient, lab, billing, and insurance records in a secure, searchable database. Instantly pull up complete patient charts, locate e-mail documentation needed by insurance in seconds.

Questys Insurance
Improve client service with an electronic document management and content management solution. Improve customer care and maximize efficiency.

Questys LawEnforcement
End the paper chase with your law enforcement records with an electronic document and content management solution. Boost productivity and manage cases with ease.

Questys Legal - Law Firms
Automate contract management with automated workflow and digital signature

Questys Manufacturing
Simplify the paperwork associated with manufacturing, transportation, and distribution with an electronic document management system.

Questys Mortgage
Lenders, Brokers, Processors, Title and Escrow officers can simplify their complex paper flow with an electronic document management system.

Questys RealEstate
Improve client service with an electronic document management and content management solution

Questys Transportation
Transportation organizations can simplify their paperwork with an electronic document management system