Agenda Manager

Save Your Staff Countless Hours by Streamlining the Legislative Agenda Process with Questys Document & Content Management Solutions

Increase Speed & Efficiency of Legislative Workflow

The legislative workflow process can seem complex with all of the steps involved in manually compiling documents/data and managing accountability. It is easy for something to go overlooked or forgotten. Questys Legislative Agenda Management Software (LSx) and Workflow Software (WFx) were designed to process faster and easier while maintaining the integrity of the system.

Questys LSx was designed to streamline the legislative agenda process from start to finish. You can finally go paperless and, in doing so, increase efficiency within your internal process. The software automates the processes of creating staff reports, agendas, and packets; real-time roll-call; vote tabulation; meeting minutes; agenda archival; backup material; keyword search and retrieval.

Questys WFx simplifies the legislative process by allowing you to easily define processes in a graphical designer, automate task notification, and track every action with the click of your mouse. It provides your organization with all of the tools necessary to make sure nothing slips through the cracks. The software maximizes efficiency by allowing tasks to be passed from electronic inbox to inbox until project completion, promoting responsibility, accountability, and increased productivity.

The functionality of Questys LSx and WFx enables your organization to quickly and proficiently maneuver through the legislative process:

  • Submit, route, and track items through the approval process
  • Route agenda items automatically to reviewers and approvers
  • Notify approvers via e-mail of items to be reviewed, with direct link to the item
  • Approve, reject, comment on or re-route proposed agenda items
  • Delegate tasks to someone else when an individual isn't available to review items
  • Use digital signatures on approved items/agendas

With Questys Solutions you can save time and money on your legislative process.

One Solution Integrated To Manage Legislative Process Life Cycle