Human Resources

Make Your Human Resources Department Run Smoother with a Document Management and Content Management Solution

Save Time, Money and Resources

Proper maintenance and storage of Human Resources (HR) files is critical to managing the welfare and well-being of your employees, as well as ensuring that you are in compliance with employment and financial management regulations. Without an Electronic Document Management system, even the most efficient HR offices may struggle when it comes to accessing employee reviews, tracking payroll reports, and updating benefit and W-2 statements.

As a leading provider of Document Management Software, Questys Solutions makes managing and maintaining an HR department easier and more cost-effective. Using Questys' Document Management Software, HR professionals can quickly transform their offices from paper-intense, chaotic working environments into more productive, structured and resourceful electronic offices. This move from paper to electronic records and files helps HR professionals improve office organization, management of employee benefits, and employee satisfaction. With Questys, HR professionals win by saving valuable time, money and resources.

With Questys, specific records within a file can be instantly located based on Document Categories, Index Values or even the OCR text itself. This rapid search capability helps HR professionals save countless hours previously spent compiling information and looking for specific files.

Questys’ Electronic Database also helps HR departments easily control and monitor user access to documents and files stored within that database. This feature helps protect confidential employee information, and works to ensure that files are not compromised, misplaced or accidentally deleted.

For managers who work remotely or at satellite locations, Questys’ Web Module provides secure, real-time access to company files and documents via a Web browser.

Questys also helps companies take the complexity and cost out of complying with Document Retention Regulations. Retention Rules can be assigned to Document Categories, making it easier to follow industry and EEOC regulations and statutes without having to maintain archival file cabinets or invest in costly off-site storage.

The simplicity and enhanced functionality found in Questys is second-to-none, making it a truly unique and affordable document management solution for today’s HR professionals.

Questys Human Resources Industry Brochure (PDF)