Take a Paperless Approach to Managing Patient Data with a Document Management and Content Management Solution

Improve Customer Care, Maximize Efficiencies

Regardless of size, doctors’ offices, medical labs, and related healthcare organizations are some of the most paper-intensive work environments. Even the most efficient medical offices struggle to maintain accurate patient records while complying with increasing privacy regulations, in addition to managing the endless maze of insurance submissions and patient billing.

By using Questys’ Document Management and Content Management Software, healthcare companies can quickly organize, store, and access patient, lab, billing, and insurance records in a secure, searchable database. Nurses can instantly call up complete patient charts and Office Managers can quickly locate and e-mail documentation needed by insurance companies to clarify claims that have been rejected in seconds. With Questys, managing documents and providing better service is simple, fast and affordable.

Questys Document Management and Content Management Solutions help healthcare companies get organized. Each day the number of documents created, referenced and stored by the healthcare industry grows exponentially. As a result, Electronic Document Management Solutions are no longer a luxury, but rather a necessity, for medical offices of all sizes.

Questys Associations Industry Brochure (PDF)