Law Enforcement

End the Paper Chase with your Law Enforcement Records with a Document and Content Management Solution

Boost Productivity, Manage Cases With Ease

Questys' Document and Content Management Solutions can scan arrest records, mug shots, fingerprints, etc., import electronic files and e-mail, then OCR, edit, and store your information in electronic format. You can then search and retrieve everything from your desk, from across town, or from the other side of the world.

No longer must your Records Staff wade through jammed file rooms located all over the precinct. Stored electronic copies of arrest reports, mug shots, fingerprints, and other related material make all information related to a particular case instantly accessible to authorized personnel from their desktops within their Questys Document and Content Management Solution.

Retrieval of information and transmittal to other Law Enforcement Agencies is as simple as querying Questys' Keyword or Full-Text databases, and then sending the results directly to a network printer, fax, or e-mail. What once took days of research to accomplish using a manual system can now be taken care of in a few seconds with Questys' Document and Content Management Solutions.