Business Systems Integration

Develop Fluid System Integration with a Document Management and Content Management System

Content Integration enables disparate content sources to look and act as a single Repository.

Many Document Management Systems attempt to integrate Document Management directly into other applications, so that users may retrieve existing documents directly from the Document Management System Repository, make changes, and save the changed document back to the Repository as a new version, all without leaving the application. Such integration is commonly available for office suites and e-mail or collaboration/groupware software.

With Questys’ Software Integration Toolkit, nearly every application can be integrated with your Questys system in a codeless environment that any person with intermediate PC skills can create. This brings the benefits of Questys' Document Management and Content Management System to your users without introducing them to a new software package. Your user will simply see a few new buttons or hot-keys in their existing software and Questys will run in the background! No expensive programming, no new user training, and a truly streamlined process.

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