Automate Your Data Entry

Drastically reduce or even eliminate your manual data entry process


Any organization that uses computers performs data entry. Data entry is a time consuming, error prone, and costly process. Imagine a world where you could automate your data entry rather than manually inputting information into your Document Management System or accounting system. You could simply scan the pages that contain the data you need and magically the data is extracted.

Questys Capture is a server or workstation-based data entry automation tool that will let you automate nearly any data entry process. It uses advanced Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology to automatically extract important data from your scanned images. With Questys Capture you can use full page or zonal OCR to capture pertinent information.

Questys Capture also recognizes many barcode types, regardless of where they appear on the page, as well as, being able to use it for handwriting and optical mark recognition. You can even capture data on unstructured documents. Questys Capture will intuitively recognize patterns of text in documents.

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“Questys will transform your department's document and record management processes with solutions your team will love. Their enterprise content management (ECM) solutions are easy to implement, adopt, use and maintain. They are cost effective while enabling productivity and compliance for our organization. A key benefit is the level of integration with other applications.”

Muslim Gadiwalla, CIO of City of St. Petersburg FL

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