Disaster Recovery

Create a Disaster Recovery Plan with a Document Management and Content Management System

Case Study: City of Columbia, SC (PDF)

In a paper-based filing system, there are many ways that disaster can strike: a sprinkler malfunctions in the file room, a fire ignites in the storage room, a hurricane floods the building, destroying paper files. Now what? These incidents can strike at any time and devastate a business' operations if you don't have a plan.

With a Document Management and Content Management Solution, many of the fears of a disaster devastating critical business documents all but disappear because now you have a plan. Now you know that your critical information is not lost in the disaster, but stored safely and securely in your Document Management System. Digitizing and storing your documents in a Document Management and Content Management Solution creates a way for you to plan for disaster recovery.

There are no guarantees that disaster won't strike at any time, for any reason, but you can guarantee that your business' crucial information will be safe with Questys Document Management and Content Management Solution.

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