Find Any Document in Seconds

Imagine Any Document at Your Fingertips in Seconds with a Document Management and Content Management Solution

Document Management technology today provides many benefits that are impossible to achieve in paper-based filing systems.

Questys’ Document Management and Content Management System indexes every word on every page for search and retrieval purposes. Companies are not limited to specific Key Fields such as Client Name or Transaction Date to search. For example, assume a company wants to locate every document that exists in the organization referring to Product “X.” In a manual filing system, this would take an enormous amount of time, if it could be accomplished at all. With electronic filing, this process takes just seconds.

The speed of search, one of the most important factors in any Document Management and Content Management System, is the hallmark of Questys. In virtually all cases, the system will locate a unique search term in less than one second regardless of database size! Compare that to waiting 30 seconds, 5 minutes, 20 minutes…or more!