Organizational Continuity and Consistency

Create Business Continuity and Consistency with a Document Management and Content Management Solution

Case Study: Mariposa County (PDF)

Keeping a business going 24x7 is the task of Business Continuity Planning.

A strong continuity plan will show you that not all content is critical. Companies must prioritize their content to determine how quickly that content needs to be back online in the event of a disaster. Business continuity begins with a sound plan and high-level executive support. Next, mission-critical processes, and the entities on which they are dependent, must be determined, followed by a Business Impact Assessment to determine the impact of a disruption, or losing, those processes. Defining what a business considers a disaster and explaining how key processes will be recovered are the next steps in the plan. A Crisis Operations Center should also be established, with procedures for chain of command and other roles. Finally, don't forget to update and test the plan annually or as business needs change.

Effectively delivering on a Continuity Plan will enhance your ability to not only recover during a system failure, but will also enable you to better define the priority of your business content and improve your overall enterprise content management strategy.