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Get the product training you need to succeed!

  • Learn how to best utilize the solutions that you purchased to benefit your organization
  • Training can be tailored to your specific needs
  • Learn how to apply and configure your products and features
  • Make sure to take advantage of all the functionality your Questys system has to offer
  • Become an enterprise content management expert

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Enterprise Content Management Training

Part # Classes - Content Management
CMX100      CMx Scanner/Contributor Training
CMX101 CMx Search Training
CMX102 CMx Web Search Training
CMX103 CMx Web Author Training
CMX110 CMx System Admin & Security Training
CMX130 CMx Fast Forms User Training
CMX200 CMx Fast Forms Technical Design Training
CMX210 CMx Auto Filing Technical Design Training
CMX220 CMx Data Importer Technical Training

CMx Database Lookup Technical Training

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Legislative Agenda Management Training

Part # Classes - Agenda Management
LSX101      LSx Item Approver Training
LSX102 LSx Item Submitter Training
LSX103 LSx Agenda Management Training
LSX140 LSX Granicus Training
LSX150 LSx Clerks Module Training
LSX200 LSx Agenda/Minutes Technical Modification Training
LSX210 LSx Agenda/Minutes Technical Design Training

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 Workflow Training

Part # Classes - Workflow/Business Process Management 
WFX101      WFx General User Training
WFX110 WFx Admin & Project Mgmt Training
WFX200 WFx Workflow Technical Template Design Training

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 Capture Training

Part # Classes - Data Capture
CAP200      Capture Scanner/Operator Technical Training
CAP210 Capture Scripting Technical Training

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