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Data Capture

Questys Capture is a forms processing software tool that will let you automate nearly any data entry process and output the data and/or images to […]

Questys Capture is a forms processing software tool that will let you automate nearly any data entry process and output the data and/or images to your Questys Solutions Document Management and Content Management System or your 3rd party DMS or Database.capture

Questys Capture uses advanced recognition technology to automatically extract important data from your scanned images or other electronic content. With Questys Capture forms processing software you can use full page or zonal Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to capture pertinent information. Questys Capture automated data capture software also recognizes many barcode types, regardless of where they appear on the page, as well as, being able to use it for handwriting and optical mark recognition. You can even capture data on unstructured documents. Questys Capture will intuitively recognize patterns of text in documents. With so many capabilities, Questys Capture automated data entry software can eliminate errors, time and cost that come with manual data entry.

Imagine you have a stack of 500 bills of lading you need data extracted from. In a manual process, someone would have to flip through the pages for each to find the data, then key the data into whatever system where the data is needed. With Questys Capture, you would simply drop the 500 documents into a scanner, click a button in Questys Capture, and the the software does all of the work for you. With Questys Capture, you can also send documents through a quality control process where a user can verify the extracted data, side-by-side with the images. Once Questys Capture has extracted the information, have it output the data and/or images to your Document Management System (such as Questys or any other system with import capability), 3rd Party Application, Database Management System, or simply package the files and data in a TIFF, PDF, or XML format and export.

The benefits of automated data entry are obvious. It can save you mountains of time and money. Because of this, many providers of similar technology attempt to charge you for how much their products help you. For instance, if you process 1,000,000 pages per month the system costs 10 times the price than if you process only 5,000 pages per month. How does this make sense?

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With Questys Capture, you can process 1 to over 1,000,000 pages per month or more for the same low cost!