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Case Management Solutions

Content Management Integrated document & records management with data extraction, workflows and audit trails. Collaboration Social and collaboration tools provide one view of all information [...]

Content Management

Integrated document & records management with data extraction, workflows and audit trails.


Social and collaboration tools provide one view of all information with dynamic and ad-hoc routing.

Case Handling

Manage all types of cases including investigative, incident and service requests.

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Case Management & Claims Management

Providing more control for administrators and examiners

With a Questys Case Management solution, administrators and examiners will be able to efficiently manage all aspects of a claim, from early assessment to investigation to settlement. From the onset of the claim or case through the determination, we understand that administrators must track and complete many tasks – collecting, reviewing and maintaining the supporting documentation to assess the specifics of the case, validating statements, working through and even tracking negotiations.

Seamless Integration

Questys seamlessly integrates and interoperates with sales, financial and health systems to manage customer information, payment schedules, providing better control over the release of funds and provide the ability to track and audit claims and case-related activities to reduce compliance risks.

  • CRM – Customer Relationship Management
  • ERP – Enterprise Resource Planning
  • EMR – Electronic Medical Records

Case Management Benefits

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Organize all patient records in the physician’s office

  • Ability to effectively capture, manage and access all your information
  • Automatically extract data from electronic, PDF, and scanned forms, eliminating the need for manual indexing sorting and filing
  • A solution that is content and workflow centric at the core
  • Centralize and securely store documents whether they originate on paper or in a digital format
  • Search and retrieve documents directly from other applications
  • Keep files in a standard format that can be easily shared across devices
  • Archive records and set reminders/notifications to update certain files
  • Make information simpler to locate during an audit or records request
  • Track the status of documents (version control and/or workflow)
  • Ability to eliminate paper with client e-forms submissions and processing
  • Auto fill fields to eliminate rework of data entry
  • Send automatic email notifications when a new case is assigned
  • Ability to validate information
  • Ability to access case documentation, always find the most up-to-date paperwork
  • Ability to route critical cases to an expedited queue with easy
  • Ability to annotation and redact content
  • Enable collaboration and version controls
  • Enable workflow, routing and approvals
  • Enable checkout for e-signing process
  • Enable Records Management
  • Includes a secure backed with administrative rules and permissions
  • Includes easy assignable administrative security restrictions to allow only users with appropriate role and access to files
  • Auditing – track when users open, edit, delete or even attempt to open case files
  • Controlled content access – provide controlled access of specific files to other agencies, case workers and public
  • Offers option to share documents with other state or federal case databases
  • Offers the ability to pull in content from other databases while creating a new case
  • Provides disposition capabilities – route closed case files for disposition

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